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Lifecycle (Previously Home Hospice Community Mentoring)

Posted: 14-04-2010
Contact Name: Leanne Skipsey, Program Manager
Contact Phone: 9845 8025
Contact Email: leanne@homehospice.com.au
Website: http://www.homehospice.com.au/

About the agency The HOME Hospice Community Mentoring Program is well established in Sydney and has just opened an office in Warrandyte-Ringwood Road, North Ringwood, to cover Eastern Metropolitan Melbourne.

The Community Mentor program provides mentors to those caring for a loved one who has expressed a wish to die at home. The Community Mentor is best thought of as a knowledgeable friend and often has a personal experience of caring for a dying loved one. The Mentor will be available to give advice, wisdom and guidance to empower the carer in their labour of love. The Mentor will enable the carer to gather the resources they need to fulfil their caring role without becoming burnt out.

The Community Mentoring Program is focused on teaching and learning, building community, transferring knowledge and wisdom, developing and strengthening bonds between people such as family, friends and neighbours throughout the dying, at home.

Volunteering Volunteer with HOME Hospice and be part of the work that has assisted hundreds of families care for their loved ones to die at home, where they belong, surrounded by family and friends. Be a catalyst to strengthen bonds between family, friends and community.

There are a number of ways to volunteer with HOME Hospice, including becoming a Community Mentor.

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