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Louise Multicultural Community Centre (LMCC)

Posted: 23-03-2010
Contact Name: Volunteer Coordinator
Contact Phone: 9285 4850
Contact Email: klozo@aanet.com.au
Website: http://www.louise.org.au

Agency profile The Louise Multicultural Centre aims to encourage and help people of diverse national, ethnic, religious and linguistic backgrounds to practise, enjoy and share their own cultures and to fully participate in public and civic life.

The Centre promotes harmony and social inclusion, for people from all cultural and linguistic backgrounds.

Volunteers Volunteers are an important part of the Centre. They have provided vital support to refugees and migrants throughout its rich history. The Centre is lucky to have dedicated volunteers from over twenty-six different countries.

As a volunteer at the Centre, you can learn new things, share your knowledge and make a different to the lives of refugees and migrants.

The Centre welcomes people who have already worked as volunteers and those who want to volunteer for the first time. It is committed to providing a rewarding, safe and well-supported experience for all its volunteers.

There's a wide variety of volunteering opportunities and roles, including:

* English Tutor
* Mandarin Tutor
* Computer Tutor
* Bilingual Tutor
* Tutoring Assistant
* Conversation
* Receptionist
* Administration
* IT support
* Newsletter Assistant
* Public relations
* Special events management
* Short projects
* Community work
* Facilitator of a group
* Mentoring
* Disability programs
* Practical placement/work experience
* Australian workplace culture office training

English Language Tutor (Contact the Centre directly for details of other vacancies.)

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