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St John Ambulance Visiting Friends Program

Posted: 10-01-2010
Contact Name: Teresa Allen, Community Care Coordinator
Contact Phone: 8588 8375
Contact Email: teresa.allen@stjohnvic.com.au
Website: http://www.stjohnvic.com.au/index-community.asp

About the Agency The St John Community Care Branch provides programs that assist members of the community in need. Members of the Branch offer help on a voluntary basis to those who are experiencing special difficulties because of their age, infirmity, isolation or other factors restricting their access to their community.

An hour per fortnight visiting an aged care facility resident or, providing time whenever you can, can make a world of difference to someone who is lonely. The St John Community Care Branch is always interested in caring members of the community who are interested in volunteering to help brighten someone's life.

The Visiting Friends program involves both visitors and residents of Supported Residential Services (SRS) in a variety of activities, and has been developed in conjunction with the Department of Human Services.

Volunteers Providing friendship to the resident, both the Volunteer and the resident will gain a variety of new experiences. They can interact on a one-to-one basis, go on an outing or just spend some time within the facility in a group activity. The Volunteer can also assist in providing escorts to appointments, shopping or simply having a chat over coffee. Some activities are conditional on approval from the facility and the residents' family.

The only skills required are a willingness to provide companionship and a desire to enhance someone's life.

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