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Extended Families Eastern Region

Posted: 06-08-2007
Contact Name: Carol Belford, Eastern Regional Coordinator
Contact Phone: 9285 4837
Contact Email: eastern@extendedfamilies.org.au
Website: http://www.extendedfamilies.org.au
Attached file: Sporting Mates brochure

About the agency Extended Families Australia is a not for profit organisation that provides support, respite, and significant social relationships and community participation for children with disabilities and their families.

Volunteers Volunteers are needed to become a friend to a child with a disability. Involvement may be as simple as reading stories or a walk to the park, a special day out or helping parents with a medical appointment.

A volunteer commits to a minimum of 12 months to spend time with a child on a regular basis—in the family’s home, the volunteer’s home or in a community setting—and works with the family and the Extended Families Regional Coordinator to maximise the child’s physical, emotional and developmental opportunities.

Helping a special child in this way can be very rewarding, providing a sense of purpose and satisfaction, development of personal qualities and skills, an increased understanding of disabilities and families’ needs, and rewarding relationships with a child and their family.

The Sporting Mates program helps children with disabilities aged 5 - 17 years who experience barriers to participation in active recreation and sporting activities to access an active recreation or sports activity of their choice.

Volunteers are people aged 18 plus who believe in the importance of ‘community’ and have an inclusive outlook on life.
No previous experience working with children or people with a disability is required, as Extended Families will provide you with the necessary training, information and support. And you can be single or married, with or without children, working or retired. Young people 14-17 can volunteer so long as they have a supervisory adult with them while they are volunteering.

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