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I want to volunteer and help others. Where do I start?

Do yourself a favour and volunteer! You'll find you get back more than you put in.

Attached file Find out how you can volunteer and help your community - you'll benefit yourself too!

How do I find a volunteer vacancy?

You can use the search box on the right to search for volunteering vacancies. For more advanced searching options, you'll need to use GoVolunteer.
Please note that not all vacancy opportunities in the Manningham area are listed on GoVolunteer and you may need to :
* look on our Vacancies webpage and use the Edit/Find function to search for a position name or an agency name
* look on our Participating Agencies webpage, find the relevant agency and follow the link to the vacancy you're interested in.

What's volunteering all about? I want to learn more

Come to one of our free and friendly Introduction to Volunteering (I2V) sessions for new volunteers and people interested in volunteering. You can book a place by emailing us or ringing 9856 1546. We hope to see you there!

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What's news? - IAVE 2014 - World Conference on Volunteering to be held in Australia this September

The theme of what will be IAVE's 23rd World Conference is “Volunteering, Today’s Imperative”.
A Youth Forum will be held at the Radisson Hotel from 15 to 17 September and the World Conference from 17 to 20 September at the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre.
The 23rd IAVE World Volunteer Conference will give delegates the opportunity to learn from and network with distinguished international speakers and expert trainers, as well as leaders from the international volunteering community, governments and the corporate sector.
Visit the conference website to stay up to date with information about this exciting event.

The ViM website won’t be updated from 1 August 2014

From 1 August 2014, the ViM website will no longer be updated, and the information it contains will be accurate only until that date.
We plan to repost the material on another website - currently in development.
In the meantime, you can find information on ViM and volunteering on the Doncare website as follows:

Information on ViM: ViM page of the Doncare website
Information on volunteering: under the Get Involved tab of the Doncare website

Volunteers needed for Doncare's new Jackson Court Op Shop opening in around August 2014

Volunteers are needed for Doncare's seventh op shop, opening in around August 2014 at 70 Jackson Court.
For information on how to apply, go to Doncare's website or make an online expression of interest through the GoVolunteer website>

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